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Dr. Seed's "Worry-Free Kitchen Detergent" has been launched at the zero-waste shop, Eco-Taget.

Dr. Seed announced today (20th) that it will be available at the zero-waste shop, Eco-Taget, as part of its environmental conservation efforts.

Zero Waste is a social movement aimed at minimizing the amount of waste generated in daily life. In South Korea, it has been reported that the number of zero-waste shops, which reduce packaging and use recyclable materials, is gradually increasing.

Jieuticket is also one of the zero waste shops. Dr. Seed plans to start with the 'Worry-Free Kitchen Detergent' at the Jieuticket Osan branch and gradually expand its lineup of products available at the store.

Dr. Seed stated, "The 'Worry-Free Kitchen Detergent' is a type of kitchen detergent that can be safely used to wash vegetables, fruits, and baby bottles. Unlike the 2 types used for dishwashing and kitchen utensil cleaning, and the 3 types used for manufacturing and industrial equipment cleaning, this single type of detergent contains ingredients recognized as safe for human use by the Ministry of Health and Welfare."

Furthermore, they added, "The 'Worry-Free Detergent' has removed all harmful ingredients such as MIT, CMIT, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, SLS, SLES, etc. Its high-density dense foam makes it easy to remove grease and residues. The clear and odorless gel type contains Coco-Glucoside, a naturally derived cleansing agent. This ingredient also has moisturizing properties, allowing you to maintain moist skin even when doing hand dishwashing without worrying about dryness."

A representative from Dr. Seed stated, "Starting with the Osan branch, we will gradually expand our brand to all locations of Zero Waste Shop, participating in efforts to reduce single-use consumption. Beyond our brand's customers, Dr. Seed is committed to contributing to creating a healthy and clean environment for our society as a whole."

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