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Dr. Seed has released the "Black Bean Vegan Hair Tonic" for scalp care and hair loss prevention.

Dr. Seed is a life care brand that brings healthy changes to everyday life through natural ingredients. They have recently launched a new product called the "Black Bean Vegan Hair Tonic," which can simultaneously care for the scalp and hair. The "Black Bean Vegan Hair Tonic" is a gentle hair tonic that has been proven to provide scalp scaling, improvement of scalp odor, and immediate cooling effect on the scalp.

A Dr. Seed representative expressed their delight at the "Black Bean Vegan Hair Tonic" receiving an "Excellent" rating from the rigorous German Dermatest, which has helped solidify the brand's position as a derma brand. They stated that they will continue to make efforts and dedicate themselves to product development to ensure that consumers can use their products with confidence.

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