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Dr. Seed's 'Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo' has obtained the highest rating in both the Vegan and Dermatest categories.

The eco-friendly lifestyle care brand Dr. Seed has announced that their Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo has obtained the top rating of EXCELLENT in both the French Eve Vegan and German Dermatest.

According to Dr. Seed, the Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, which has obtained both the Eve Vegan certification and the top rating from the German Dermatest, is a product that has completed the notification to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a functional cosmetic for alleviating hair loss symptoms. It is a culmination of Dr. Seed's expertise in hair care.

The product in question creates a refreshing scalp environment as if it has been scaled with a powerful cleansing ingredient called 토탄수 (Tetranex) and nourishes it with black bean, the main ingredient. Additionally, it provides a 3-step care for scalp environment using MOPLEX, a patented herbal ingredient.

Dr. Seed officials stated, "Through obtaining the 'Eve Vegan' certification from France and the 'Dermatest' certification from Germany, Dr. Seed has gained international recognition for our commitment to veganism and ethical direction towards the environment," and further added, "Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize both environmental sustainability and social responsibility, striving to create products that enable healthy and conscientious consumption."

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