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Dr. Seed, Black Bean Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 5th restock

Dr. Seed, a natural hair care brand that brings healthy changes to daily life with its natural ingredients, has recorded four consecutive sold-out results for its Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo in their online store.

Dr. Seed announced that in response to consumer demand, they have conducted pre-orders and restocked the 5th batch of the Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo on April 29th.

The Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is a functional cosmetic product that has completed the report to the Korea Food and Drug Administration for its ability to alleviate hair loss symptoms. It creates a scalp environment that feels like scaling through the use of Totarol, and supplies nutrition through concentrated black bean extract. In addition, it focuses on a 3-STEP hair loss care with the patented herbal ingredient MOPLEX.

Dr. Seed officials stated, "In addition to the Black Bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, all Dr. Seed products are developed and researched based on natural ingredients, excluding harmful substances. We will continue to prioritize health and the environment through extensive research and experimentation, striving to create products that allow for rational consumption."

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