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Dr. Seed launches 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution'.

On the 11th, the life care brand Dr. Seed (Dr. SEED) announced the release of its functional line, 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution.'

The 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution' line consists of three products: 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution Shampoo,' 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution Treatment,' and 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution Tonic.'

A Dr. Seed representative stated, "The Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution line contains salicylic acid to aid scalp cleanliness, dexpanthenol to remove impurities and promote scalp protection and hair growth, and Oriental CPE patented ingredient to help alleviate hair loss symptoms. Additionally, menthol provides immediate cooling sensation and lowers scalp temperature." They further added, "The inclusion of four fermented complex, grain protein complex, and keratin S ingredient helps improve scalp environment health and provides gentle care for the hair."

The Dr. Seed 'Scalp Anti Hair Loss Solution' line can be found on their official online store.

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