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Dr. Seed has successfully entered major local department stores and supermarket chains in Singapore, signaling a significant step forward in its overseas market expansion efforts.

Hair care brand Dr. Seed (Dr. SEED) has officially launched in Singapore.

On August, Dr. Seed announced its completion of entry into major Singaporean department stores including BHG, Metro Department Store, as well as prominent supermarket chains such as NTUC FairPrice and Times Stores. They further revealed plans to gradually expand their store presence in the region.

Dr. Seed's products launched in Singapore include the Super Seed Balm Revitalize Shampoo, Nourishing Treatment, and Honey and Milk Balm Moisture Body Wash. Each line will showcase 10 signature fragrances, crafted in collaboration with a specialized fragrance research institute for each product range.

In Singapore, known for its hot and humid climate, the scalp, hair, and skin are all susceptible to damage due to exposure to high temperatures and humidity. Dr. Seed's entire product range is formulated with gentle, non-irritating ingredients, allowing for a soft cleansing experience without any irritation. Ingredients such as Sacha Inchi oil and oat oil, derived from nature, provide moisturizing and soothing benefits, helping to care for the scalp and skin, keeping them healthy.

A Dr. Seed spokesperson stated, "As Singapore emerges as a prime cross-border hub in Southeast Asia, we are committed to expanding Dr. Seed's brand awareness and market share. Starting with our entry into Singapore, we plan to engage in more active activities in the Asian market, aiming to leap into a global brand in the near future."

Meanwhile, Dr. Seed has been actively expanding its presence and strengthening its brand influence by entering major Health and Beauty stores such as LOHB’S in August, both domestically and internationally, to enhance interactions with consumers.

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