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Dr. Seed Foundation donates hand sanitizers for COVID-19 prevention.

On the 25th, the cosmetics manufacturing specialist Dr. Seed announced that it had donated 4,000 hand sanitizers and 5,000 body washes to vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hand sanitizers donated by Dr. Seed were distributed through emergency relief kits for unmarried mothers and low-income households on the 20th. Additionally, they are planned to be sequentially distributed to elderly individuals at higher risk of disease exposure, along with body washes.

Yoon Ki-sung, the CEO of Dr. Seed, stated, "With the prolonged duration of COVID-19, we are concerned about the safety and health of vulnerable populations. We hope that Dr. Seed's hand sanitizers will be of great help in preventing and overcoming COVID-19."

Park Chung-gwan, the CEO of the Dr. Seed Foundation, expressed gratitude to Dr. Seed for donating hand sanitizers to vulnerable populations, saying, "The Dr. Seed Foundation will continue to provide support to low-income households, unmarried mothers, and elderly individuals living alone across the country so that they can overcome the COVID-19 crisis and regain their daily lives."

Dr. Seed has gained popularity among consumers by offering products made from clean ingredients sourced from nature and safe materials, allowing families to use them with peace of mind. It was also selected as the top hair care brand in the 2019 Korean Consumer Satisfaction Index.

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