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Dr. Seed's "Natural Perfume Shampoo & Treatment," has been launched at Olive Young stores.

On the 15th, the nature-oriented hair care brand Dr. Seed announced that their Perfume Shampoo and Treatment, including the Black Bean Shampoo, have been launched and are now available at Olive Young's online mall.

Dr. Seed has been awarded the "2020 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index Number 1" in the natural shampoo category for two consecutive years. The Dr. Seed Super Seed Balm Shampoo and Treatment, which debuted on Olive Young's online mall on the 15th, are manufactured using only gentle ingredients derived from nature, without the addition of 20 harmful substances. They have also received praise for offering a wide range of choices with 12 different fragrances to suit various preferences.

The Black Bean Shampoo, which has debuted at Olive Young along with the shampoo and treatment, is a scalp care product with black bean as its main ingredient.

To celebrate its launch at Olive Young, Dr. Seed is holding a promotion starting from today (the 15th) that offers discounts of up to 35%. After the initial launch on the online mall, they plan to gradually expand to offline stores nationwide.

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