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Dr. Seed has been selected for the second consecutive year as the "Lalavla Shampoo of the Year."

Dr. Seed has announced on the 4th that their Super Seed Balm Shampoo has been selected as the "Shampoo of the Year" for the second consecutive year in the 2021 Lalavla year-end evaluation.

The Dr. Seed Super Seed Balm Shampoo, which has been selected as the "Shampoo of the Year," is a hair care product that is suitable for those with sensitive scalps and even children. It contains approximately 97.9% naturally derived ingredients and is free from 20 harmful substances, making it a gentle and safe shampoo that can be used by the whole family with peace of mind.

Furthermore, it is available in a variety of 12 signature fragrances such as Bebe Musk and Midnight Rose, allowing consumers to choose a scent that suits their preferences.

Dr. Seed officials expressed their delight at being selected as the "Shampoo of the Year" for two consecutive years in the Lalavla year-end evaluation. They promised to continue incorporating healthy energy from nature into their products and revealed their plans for 2022, which include launching products that consider both environmental sustainability and social responsibility throughout the brand.

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