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TALLO's beer yeast hair care line, after launching, secured nationwide distribution in major Lotte Department Stores within just three months.

TALLO hair care products, launched just 3 months ago, entered Lotte Department Store in August.

The products available through Tallo's (TALLO) partnership with Lotte Department Store are three functional hair care products aimed at alleviating hair loss symptoms. The three products are as follows: 1. Tallo Beer Yeast Shampoo 2. Tallo Beer Yeast Scalp Scaler 3. Tallo Beer Yeast Scalp Essence These products are specifically developed as functional hair care products that focus on addressing the main cause of female hair loss, which is "nutrition." They are formulated with a 100% vegan recipe to ensure that they can be safely used on sensitive female scalps.

These products are available at a total of 14 Lotte Department Store locations nationwide, including the main branch in Myeongdong, Seoul (8 locations), Gyeonggi Province (2 locations), Incheon (1 location), and other regions (2 locations).

In addition to the newly entered Lotte Department Store and Hi-Mart, Tallo can be found through various online partner malls, including our official website, department store malls, and open markets.

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