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Tallo has released three new hair care products specifically designed for women's scalps.

Tallo has launched a new product line called "Tallo Beer Yeast Therapy (Beer Yeast Care Line) Hair Care" consisting of three products.

The Tallo Beer Yeast Care Line is a high-performance hair care line that provides more delicate and tailored management for women's scalp and hair loss concerns. It offers three products that allow users to easily perform a three-step care method, similar to that of professional scalp care shops, in the comfort of their own homes. (▲Tallo Beer Yeast Shampoo, ▲Tallo Beer Yeast Scalp Scaler, ▲Tallo Beer Yeast Scalp Essence)

The Tallo Beer Yeast Care Line focuses on addressing the main cause of female hair loss, which is known as "nutrient loss." It incorporates a high concentration of "German beer yeast extract," which is renowned as one of the world's top three nutritional ingredients, to deliver nourishment to the scalp and hair. The products are designed to minimize irritation and provide a gentle user experience from the moment of application to the drying process, taking into consideration the sensitive scalp and long hair of women.

In particular, the Tallo Beer Yeast Shampoo contains 50% of German beer yeast extract, which serves as a substitute for purified water, to deliver nutrition and moisture to the scalp and hair. It also includes three patented ingredients that help prevent hair loss, making it an excellent shampoo for scalp care and management.

All three products in the Tallo Beer Yeast Care Line have received certification as vegan products in Korea. They have also completed skin irritation tests, ensuring that they can be safely used by pregnant women. As a result, they have gained significant attention from many female customers since their launch.

With the launch of the new Tallo Beer Yeast Hair Care Line, Tallo has marked the beginning of its journey as a ritual beauty brand that is even closer to women's lifestyles.

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