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'Green Grapefruit Blemish Serum' has been selected as the number one product for 16 consecutive weeks by 'Glowpick,' a popular beauty ranking platform.

TALLO Green Grapefruit Blemish Serum has achieved 16 consecutive weeks as the number one product in the "Glowpick Brightening Essence" category. This serum, enriched with 83.9% Israeli Cheongjamong juice, which is a rich source of vitamin C, has been consistently loved for its effectiveness in improving blemishes, reducing pigmentation and discoloration, and soothing the skin. It has undergone human application tests to prove its efficacy in improving not only blemishes but also skin tone and dark circles. It is formulated as a gentle, vegan formula to ensure that even sensitive skin can use it with confidence. The representative from Tallo expressed gratitude and deep meaning in the fact that the Tallo Blemish Serum has maintained its top position for 16 consecutive weeks, indicating customer satisfaction and resonance with the brand's philosophy. They also stated their commitment to continue introducing sustainable skincare products that promote both skin health and coexistence with nature.
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