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Tallo's Green Grapefruit Skincare The Hyundai Seoul BeClean Popup.

Clean & vegan beauty brand 'Tallo' has opened a pop-up store at 'The Hyundai Seoul Big Clean' in Yeouido. Tallo, which is loved by various beauty platforms and beauty influencers, will showcase a gentle and non-irritating blemish care line with the concept of 'Tallo's Exclusive Green Grapefruit' at this pop-up store.

Tallo's flagship product, the Tallo Green Grapefruit Clear Skin Blemish Serum, has been recognized for its product effectiveness by securing the top spot for 16 consecutive weeks in the Brightening Essence category on the beauty platform Glow Pick.

As this is Tallo's first pop-up store event, they plan to offer special benefits and events, including up to 35% discount on all products, free gifts based on purchase amount, and an Instagram tag event.

A representative from Tallo stated, "The Hyundai Seoul pop-up store by Tallo has been prepared as a space for more direct communication with customers. We hope that this will be a place where many customers can personally experience the Tallo brand offline."

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