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Selected as an SPN for the world's largest online shopping mall, 'Amazon'.

Become a Global Selling Partner (amazon spn) of the world's largest global online shopping mall, Amazon.

With a sales revenue of approximately 211.8384 trillion won and assets amounting to approximately 156.3902 trillion won, it is the title held by Amazon, the universally acknowledged and indisputably largest global e-commerce company in the world.

Our company, Urban Digital Marketing, has been selected as an official SPN of Amazon, such a colossal giant corporation, this time.

Amazon SPN stands for 'Service Provider Network,' which refers to specialized companies that offer services in areas not provided by Amazon, such as finance, shipping, education, and marketing, to support global sellers in successfully entering and thriving in Amazon marketplaces like the USA, Japan, Europe, etc.

While it's important to enter Amazon, securing a competitive edge is challenging amidst the fierce competition among numerous brands already present on Amazon.

Therefore, even after entering, it's crucial to effectively expose your products through various internal and external marketing activities, increase brand awareness, target potential customers, and stimulate sales.

For this purpose, collaborating with companies that have a comprehensive understanding of Amazon services and marketing expertise is not an option but a necessity.

With extensive marketing consulting and implementation experience for both large and small businesses, and consecutive selection for two years in the government-supported Export Voucher project,

Our Urban Digital Marketing will become your reliable partner.

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