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Skinfood IMC Campaign


Developed and implemented a digital marketing strategy for revival and H&B store launch of Skinfood, a leading Korean road shop beauty brand


Increased ad recall with creative and consistent communication aligned with the brand concept, "Don't eat, let your skin have it.

Executing advertisement based on media strategies and maximized performance through budgeting.

Maximized advertising efficiency and stimulated purchases through precise ad targeting

Employed influencers matching the product image for high-quality new review seeding


Selected as an excellent case In July on Naver Display Advertising.

During the Olive Young launching campaign, sales of main products increased by 318% compared to the previous month

Ranked #1 YouTube, Twitter trends, and Naver - searches with branded YouTube collaboration content

Ranked #2 in cosmetics brand reputation in December 2020 through omni-directional digital IMC deployment

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