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Introducing the new CI of Urban Digital Marketing.

Is there a way to make ourselves known more easily, interestingly, and impressively?

Not a single person has ever expressed discomfort or dissatisfaction with our existing CI.

The visual object representing the company's identity is ultimately the 'CI (Corporate Identity),' but the moment 'indifference' is mistaken for 'satisfaction' and neglected, it will gradually be forgotten in the market.

This project was initiated with that thought in mind.

Through the revamped CI, we hope more people will understand the background of Urban Digital Marketing's growth, what marketing services it provides, and what its macro vision is, though it may seem like an idealistic wish, as it's just a CI after all.

This is an opportunity. It's about leaving a deep impression on our clients (brothers).

We just wanted to leave a strong first impression on our clients.

So, we emphasized 'ambiguity' instead of the conventional 'intuitiveness'

Contradictory as it may seem, we wanted a 'definite transformation' not a 'similar change'.

Moreover, we did not derive concept keywords from the 'URBAN DIGITAL MARKETING' company name.


Separating and visualizing the keywords 'URBAN,' 'DIGITAL,' 'MARKETING' also posed challenges in establishing differentiation from other companies.

Therefore, we planned the CI with the aim of extracting the initials of Urban Digital Marketing to increase visual attention and stimulate curiosity, encouraging a closer look at the CI.

In business cards, to avoid ending with just a formal and light greeting, we allowed each member of the organization to lightly express their thoughts about their work on the card.

That is the identity of our Urban.

Not something grand, glamorous, or fancy, but simply doing small, fun, and valuable work together that can motivate us.

We believe that is the most 'URBAN (sophisticated)' thought.

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