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Intensifying Intensive Training for Employees of Urban Digital Marketing

Sophistication through UDM Marketing Intensive Training.

Marketing is like a war without bullets. With trends changing rapidly day by day, unforeseen issues that can arise at any time, and there we are, always standing at the crossroads of choice. DO or NOT? To do, or not to do?

"The more you know, the more you see.”

There are countless marketing strategies in the world. The ability to select the most suitable ones for our brand from those numerous tools is what we aim to enhance.

 Urban Digital Marketing has implemented an Intensive training program.

From September 13 to October 15, 2021, Urban Digital Marketing organized an employee skill enhancement training program over 12 sessions, conducted three times per week. The subtopics of the program are as follows.

"‘Performance Marketing, Brand Vision, GA Analysis’"

By inviting renowned experts in the field, a session was organized to learn through theory and immediately implement practical execution solutions, along with acquiring the experts' know-how and tips. This setup provided an opportunity for further growth. Marketers must continue to grow and plan for the next leap, especially to be the fastest in answering the previously mentioned question. Over the course of five weeks, our employees have learned in this manner.

And Urban Digital Marketing continues to respond.


We will find a way. we always have.

So, what's the next level?

This is why we can continuously maintain our URBAN (sophistication).
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