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Secured investment and joined as a subsidiary of Hancom.

Hancom (CEOs Kim Yeon-soo and Byun Sung-joon), announced on the 19th that it will acquire a stake in the integrated digital marketing company Urban Digital Marketing (CEO Jong-wook Park, hereafter UDM).

UDM, founded in 2011, is a specialist in integrated digital marketing and has successfully executed over 400 digital branding and marketing projects. Recently, it has shown growth in the marketing investment field by directly managing branding, marketing, and sales to generate revenue. UDM is also active as a Service Provider Network (SPN) for Amazon marketing and has been selected for three consecutive years as a power performing agency in the export voucher business, demonstrating its active engagement in global business.

Hancom aims to bring new changes to its business structure, which has been centered around B2B and B2G, through this acquisition and plans to expand into the B2C market. It will support the expansion of 'Hancom Office' cloud services and new services being pursued as future business ventures into the B2C sector.

Especially, this acquisition will primarily utilize the investment funds for new share subscriptions, focusing on investing in UDM's global business expansion, including actively attempting overseas ventures through the acquisition of foreign digital marketing companies.

Kim Yeon-soo, CEO of Hancom, said, 'While Hancom has been focused on productivity tools, we have started various attempts to become a company that provides 'convenient-dime' from the perspective of users in the entire flow of information consumption, from production to digestion of information.' He added, 'The acquisition of UDM will serve as a strong foundation for growth in the B2C market for Hancom, which has been centered on B2B and B2G businesses.

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