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UDM's "Dr. Seed" opens up the healthy hair care market with their vegan hair loss shampoo [Beauty Brand Award].

UDM's hair care brand, Dr. Seed, which is receiving much love for its hair loss alleviating vegan shampoo, has been selected for the "2023 Korea Beauty Brand Awards" in the hair loss shampoo category.
UDM's Dr. Seed aims to be a life care brand that brings healthy changes to everyday life by using ingredients found in nature. They strive to create low-irritant products with safe ingredients that can be used by the whole family, without adding harmful substances that could be detrimental to the skin.

Currently, Dr. Seed offers the "Perfume Line," which consists of mildly acidic natural shampoos, treatments, and body wash products. They also launched the "Hair Loss Alleviating Vegan Line" at the end of 2022. These are the product lines they are currently operating.
This year, the Hair Loss Functional Vegan Line from Dr. Seed is gaining significant popularity, especially due to its alignment with the vegan trend.

The "Black Bean Vegan Hair Loss Shampoo," which was first introduced as part of the hair loss alleviating functional vegan shampoo line launched in September of last year, has become the top-selling product among Dr. Seed's lineup within just one year of its release.
This product is formulated with black bean extract and nine patented herbal ingredients derived from plants, creating a healthy scalp environment. While there may be preconceptions about the scent of shampoos containing black bean and herbal ingredients, Dr. Seed has successfully dispelled such notions by harmoniously blending apple and floral musk fragrances. In fact, Dr. Seed's efforts in creating signature scents have been highly praised, as evidenced by consumer satisfaction surveys where fragrance is frequently mentioned.

This product has received the prestigious "France EveVegan" certification, known as the most stringent vegan certification worldwide, guaranteeing its 100% vegan recipe. Additionally, it has obtained an "Excellent" rating in reputable dermatological tests conducted in Germany.

Upon its release, this product quickly gained high sales in major open markets. It has also shown promising potential in overseas exports, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Dr. Seed's brand representative stated, "Dr. Seed is a brand that focuses on product quality. It was born with the goal of providing good products made with excellent ingredients at reasonable prices, allowing many people to use them without any burden." They also mentioned that there are not many marketing activities specifically for branding. However, the consistent increase in repurchases from those who have tried the products is creating positive results.

Furthermore, they added, "In 2024, we plan to release additional new products in the functional vegan line, aiming to provide consumers with even more diverse options."

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