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UDM Recruits Companies for Marketing Investment Project

Brand marketing specialist UDM, led by CEO Jong-wook Park, announced that it is recruiting companies until the 22nd for its 'Marketing Investment Project,' which invests in sales-driven marketing resources to aid in brand growth.

Since its establishment in 2012, UDM has become a digital integrated marketing (IMC) specialist, executing over 400 digital marketing projects.

The Marketing Investment Project, started by UDM in 2019, is establishing a partnership model that invests UDM's expertise, infrastructure, know-how, and human/material resources as marketing assets in brand companies for mutual growth.

Through this project, UDM plans to discover brands with growth potential in areas such as home appliances, health supplements, hair products, and pet care, which are suitable for online sales. Selected brands will receive up to 1 billion won in marketing budget support, along with infrastructure and resources for various processes including marketing/advertising, distribution/sales, and content planning/production.

An Ji-cheol, the team leader of UDM's Marketing Investment Project Division, stated, 'The Marketing Investment Project is a mutual growth partnership that has overcome the limitations of the traditional marketing agency structure, and many brands have already seen an increase in sales.' He added, 'As UDM invests its own verified marketing capabilities and infrastructure in terms of cost and manpower, brands can focus solely on product development, supply, and quality control.'

Meanwhile, the recruitment for the Marketing Investment Project will select around three companies through document screening and face-to-face investment evaluation. Detailed application guidelines can be found on the UDM website.

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