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UDM Company-wide Workshop

Hancom Group's training facility, Cheongrium, hosted the UDM company-wide workshop for the first time.

Presenting the workshop that was graced by the attendance of UDM's CEO Jong-wook Park and all UDM employees. Let's unveil the scene!

Before engaging in the enjoyable activities of the UDM workshop, there were business plan presentations from each team at UDM.

The dedication and affection each team has for their work, along with their sharp and precise goals for 2024, were so palpable that it was a moment that touched our hearts.

Please look forward to UDM's wonderful strides in the coming year as well! 🙏

The key phrase of this UDM workshop was, 'With UDM, I am happy.

From the recreation, the highlight of the workshop, where team members could strengthen their bonds (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾

Enjoying the barbecue party with drinks prepared by the CEO and group leaders,

Additionally, we conducted forest therapy for physical relaxation while admiring the scenic view of Bori Mountain at Cheongrium.

And then, the grand highlight: the UDM Olympics (Fun Fun Exercise Meet) ٩(๑`ȏ´๑)۶

We conducted various team-building missions like rolling giant balls, playing giant Jenga, tug-of-war, six-person relay, moving table tennis balls, and wrestling."

There's a rumor that the passion of the blue and white teams was so intense that it made us forget even the

cold air outside, heating up the atmosphere.

We all grew closer together while participating in a small hidden mission at the warm coffee truck prepared by the CEO.

Though we started the workshop with a mix of worry and anticipation, it turned out to be a UDM workshop that left us feeling incredibly happy and reluctant to leave.

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