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UDM Attends Cheongrium Autumn Festival

UDM Attends Cheongrium Autumn Festival

In celebration of the clear autumn season, Cheongrium held the '2023 Cheongrium Autumn Festival: A Meeting of People and Nature,' attended by group affiliates, employees, and partner companies.

UDM's CEO Jong-wook Park and the new recruits of 2023 attended, brightening the Cheongrium Autumn Festival. Let's unveil the scene!

The Cheongrium Autumn Festival was prepared to offer experiences in humanities, arts, culture, and healing programs. It started with lectures from notable figures like the famous novelist Kim Jin-myung and Cho Yong-hun, a professor of Cultural Content at Kunkuk University,

Participating in forest healing programs, which included meditation and sharing stories while forest trekking (a.k.a. picking chestnuts), and on-site experiences like a one-day traditional tea ceremony,

Enjoying a special dinner made with agricultural products from Gapyeong County, accompanied by a talk show with representatives of famous breweries like Beervana and C Makgeolli. The event was further adorned with beautiful traditional performances by the Korean traditional band Aksel and the traditional music group Saet, culminating in a spectacular finale by singer Ju Hyun-mi.

(Ju Hyun-mi is a very famous singer.) 🙂

UDM employees also participated in the prepared programs and engaged in UDM's unique little hidden missions, all while spending time together for healing.

Though it started off awkwardly, everyone felt they had grown closer by the end, making it a heartwarming day despite the rather cold weather.

There's a rumor that the warmth from the hot packs given by the CEO played the biggest role in this coziness. ヽ(´∇)ノ (∇ノ) (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ

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