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E-Mart Electro mart 10 major branches

TERS' Blaster Pro has opened in more than 10 E-Mart Electro Mart stores.

E-Mart Electro mart is a large retail chain store that specializes in electronics and home appliances. We offer a variety of products related to the latest technology, providing consumers with choice and a shopping experience.

TERS' 'Blaster Pro' hair dryer is sold at 10 major E-Mart Electro Mart branches. This product attracts consumers' attention with its innovative technology and design, allowing customers to experience the quality for themselves.

Branches (10 stores)
Yeongdeungpo, KINTEX, Starfield Hanam, Starfield Goyang, Starfield Anseong, Dongtan, Eunpyeong, Geumjeong, Sasang, Yangsan

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