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UDM signs a marketing investment business agreement with Everbio Co., Ltd.

UDM, a brand marketing specialist company, signed a marketing investment agreement on January 10th with Everbio Co., Ltd., a leading company in biotechnology, food, and beauty industries, selected through the 'Second Marketing Investment Business' public offering.

UDM's marketing investment project involves directly investing in brands selected through a public offering, acting as an accelerator for their growth. This initiative not only provides marketing budgets but also supports advertising, distribution, and content planning through marketing and distribution infrastructure.

Selected through the 2nd Marketing Investment Project's company recruitment, EverBio Corporation is leading the food and beauty industries by utilizing biotechnology. Their aim is to gift customers health reminiscent of a spring day with their brand 'EverSpring'. Since the launch of 'EverSpring', they have released products tailored to consumer needs and won the 'Korean Consumer Satisfaction Award' in both 2020 and 2021.

Under the agreement, UDM will undertake various marketing activities both online and offline, and expand distribution channels to enhance brand recognition in the diet food market using EverBio Corporation's products. Additionally, both companies plan to continue their collaboration in developing a range of new products that aid in dieting, utilizing EverBio Corporation's biotech expertise, and providing customized services for customers.

This agreement is expected to enhance the technological expertise and value of EverBio Corporation's biotechnology, while also contributing to the advancement of the beauty industry with effective products.

UDM's CEO, Jong-wook Park, stated, 'Through this agreement, we plan to actively invest our marketing expertise, experience, know-how, and both human and material marketing resources in EverBio Corporation for its successful growth.

Following this, EverBio Corporation's CEO, Jae-hyuk Jeong, expressed his pleasure about the business agreement with UDM, a brand marketing specialist, saying, 'We are delighted about the partnership with UDM and anticipate that it will be a great opportunity for the public to learn about our EverSpring products, born from our biotechnology, and our upcoming new releases.

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