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The clean & vegan beauty brand, TALLO, has entered the duty-free store at I-Park Yongsan.

 TALLO has started its sales and entered HDC Shilla IPark Duty-Free Store from December.

"TALLO" is a brand that aims for sustainable, eco-friendly clean beauty, based on the slogan "Infusing fresh natural energy to revitalize your skin."

The "Green Grapefruit Skin Line" is the first in Korea to use Green Grapefruit as its main ingredient. It contains Green Grapefruit juice extracted using low-temperature pressing method, which helps care for blemishes gently and manages dull and uneven skin tone, leaving it clear and clean.

The clean & vegan brand, TALLO, has gained attention as a prominent brand in various cosmetic magazines and beauty platforms. It has achieved the top spot in the brightening essence category for 16 consecutive weeks on Glowpick. TALLO's bestselling product, known as the "Green Grapefruit Serum," which is a brightening essence, has ranked first in the brightening essence category. Additionally, the "Green Grapefruit Calming Cream" and "Green Grapefruit Moisture Pads" have been selected as winners in the calming cream and skincare/toner rookie categories, respectively.

The Tallo representative stated, "Through our entry into HDC Shilla IPark Duty-Free Store, we plan to expand our consumer base by introducing Tallo's Green Grapefruit products not only to domestic customers but also to international customers. This opportunity will serve as a stepping stone for showcasing our differentiated product quality and expanding our connection with consumers."

Meanwhile, at the Tallo store located in HDC Shilla IPark Duty-Free Store, customers can explore a variety of products including Tallo's core items such as the "Tallo Green Grapefruit Blemish Serum" and "TALLO Green Grapefruit Calming Cream."

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