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The scene of Urban Digital Marketing's year-end ceremony.

Revealing the warm and cheerful scene of Urban Digital Marketing employees at the passionate year-end ceremony, concluding a year full of ups and downs.

"How did Urban get here? By surpassing the talented ones and letting go of the less capable.."

What could be the identity of these large and small boxes that arouse curiosity?

Director Kim Se-hwan, who took charge of this year's year-end ceremony following last year. “You've worked hard.”


The official start of the event marked by the big moment (CEO's time) a.k.a. the inspirational speech….


From the start, it appears to be a very solemn and heavy atmosphere... but that's just the feeling.


Checking the affection (?) for each other with team members through the nostalgic rolling paper.


Exciting promotion announcement time!
This year, Assistant Manager Seo Yun-hee, Chief Hong Woo-jung, and Chief Kim Bo-ryeong have leveled up.


Before moving on to the highlight of the year-end ceremony, the actual recreation, we need to fill our stomachs first.

The official recreation of URBAN Digital Marketing

The mysterious boxes are specially prepared random boxes for the recreation.

A special random box drawing chance given only to those who answer correctly!


Let's only have warm and cheerful moments next year, without the ups and downs!
Urban Digital Marketing employees, you've worked hard in 2019 and I look forward to 2020.

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