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Invitation of the Leading Agency for Export Vouchers, Presentation of Outstanding Cases

Urban Digital Marketing was invited as a representative agency to the '2021 Export Voucher Online Matching Fair' organized by the Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation.
At the event organized to match companies participating in the Export Voucher project with implementing agencies, Urban Digital Marketing represented approximately 1,600 agencies at the opening ceremony and presented an outstanding case in global marketing for the export voucher.

As an official government agency for global marketing,

It provides customized marketing optimization programs for each company, including promotion/advertising, brand development/management, promotional videos, and design development, and has been creating successful cases for a variety of companies.

What is an Export Voucher?
It's a new concept of 'Overseas Marketing Support Project Platform' that allows companies to receive export support services using vouchers funded by government support and company contributions.
Urban Digital Marketing has not only been selected as an official government agency for global marketing for seven consecutive years but was also chosen as an Amazon SPN marketing field external service provider in 2019, enhancing its expertise and capabilities in overseas expansion and marketing.
Urban Digital Marketing will continue to actively support the successful global expansion of our clients.
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