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We suggest products and brands with
right directions for professionals like you.

There are numerous products and brands in the world dedicated to beautiful hair.


Like constellations guiding through the vast ocean,

we have the mission of 'the right direction,'

continuously striving to ensure our partners never lose their way.


The brands and products you'll find at TERS

will be stars guiding you in the right direction, just like a professional.

and being to be star brands or products that illuminate the correct path.


Blaster Pro

A premium quick dryer with a total of 216,000RPM ultra-strong wind that can even lift a baseball with a healthy wind of a different level with a dual motor and a mixture of cold and warm air. Dual motor stable T-shaped design provides comfortable use

Tellus Nine Seed Oil Hair Essence

Inspired by the earth goddess Gaia (TELLUS), a hair essence with 9 highly concentrated seed oils for damaged hair care, a musk scent with a warm earthy scent, and refreshing formula 

Aquarius Base Shampoo

A hypoallergenic shampoo that can be used on sensitive scalps thanks to its highly concentrated collagen ingredient and natural surfactant. It is a base shampoo that is optimized for moisturizing and helps maintain the desired fragrance and scent of hair perfume

Milky Way Treat Perfume

A portable perfume hair treatment that combines the benefits of a wash-off treatment, hair mist, and hair perfume with subtle pearls inspired by the Milky Way to add shine and scent at any time, even 24 hours outside

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